Hong Kong

5 reasons why you should visit Hong Kong


5.  Best transportation system in the world

I was told by many friends I met in the States that Hong Kong has the best transportation system in the world. With MTR in Hong Kong, you can get to almost anywhere you want, in less than two hours. Anywhere. It is cheap, fast, comfortable, clean and safe. You don’t ever need a schedule because a train comes every few minutes!


4. Food


Street food




Holy crab!



Everyone who visited Hong Kong loves the food here.   Cheap and great food! A lot of seafood that I don’t even know what they are called in English, dim sums, tea restaurants  and of course street food! Besides eating seafood in Sai Kung, why not make a trip to a cheaper choice in Apleichau? Egg tarts, egg waffle, fish balls, pineapple buns, milk tea should be all on your lists. Want more challenge? Look for stinky tofu (it smells stinky but tastes absolutely the opposite!) and assorted internal beef organs!



3. The never sleeping but safe city



Ridiculous working  hours even on weekends doesn’t sound pleasant for foreigners who work in Hong Kong, but for tourists, it definitely has its upsides. It means there is something to do or eat WHENEVER you want.  Feels hungry at 2 am, no problem. Need some breakfast at 4 am, no problem.  Want some beers and meet some Hong Kong cuties? No problem.  Lan Kwan Fong (LKF) definitely has something to offer.





2.  A different perspective of “China”

Don’t ever ask me if facebook is blocked in Hong Kong like China. The answer is no.  We enjoy the freedom that most cities in China don’t. If you have been to China and didn’t have a chance to swing by Hong Kong, then do it now! You will find the difference.


1. Just be stunned and overwhelmed by the most ridiculous skyline in the world


Taken at The Peak, but don’t pay to get to the tower! I’ll show you where I took this picture!


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