My San Francisco Memories- IV

San Francisco East Bay: Bay Bridge- Treasure Island- Berkeley Marina- UC Berkeley- Big C- Indian Rock- Point Isabel

Spontaneous trip to Treasure Island after watching Njeri’s Mandarin show with Katherine – followed by In-and-out burger

Little skunks coming out and didn’t seem to be shy

phone-quality night view

That was October 2015

November 2016, before I left the US, I re-visited Treasure Island. The bike trail was finally open!! Unfortunately, I had an accident and couldn’t ride a bike. I took an Uber to Treasure Island for only $9 for 20 minutes (taking bus would have costed the same and 2 hours). I hopped on the island and decided to hike the Bay Bridge back to Oakland.

Got into some zones where pedestrians were not supposed to be there yet… main roads were only accessible by bikes… still, I ignored all the signs and followed google map

Again, this was not supposed to be photographed, because this area was restricted and I could have been prosecuted.. but who cares, I was going to leave the country soon

After getting through all closed roads, I thought I could make it.. but at the junction to the main road, I saw a gate… who cares, let’s climb it. And I made it the the start of the bike trial, above is the view of the start of the bike trial on the Treasure Island side!

Mid-way through- 1 hour mark

Farewell lunch with Cantonese speaking friends on the same day

Went the Treasure Island the very last night in the US…:) Thanks for taking me Daniel! Happy marriage Isabel!!

UC Berkeley 🙂
Damn it, I still haven’t went up there when the Carillon is playing… damn it

Favorite hidden spot on campus. East Asian Library :’)

Sather Gate

Memorial Glade on 4.20- people having some “potluck” at 4:20pm

Big C hike- did about 10 times throughout my years here
Decided to bring my guitar and it was a terrible idea haha

Indian Rock– 30 minute hike from UC Berkeley

Botanical Garden

Berkeley Marina

Point Isabel


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