Exploring the Mayan Ruins

我的快樂時代 1.4 – Tikal, Guatemala

Snookist's Journal

[Day 009-011]  26-28, July 2014

From Belize City to Flores, Guatemala was about a 5 hours drive. The Belize-Guatemala border did not look like a border to me but a market. No one seemed to care what we bring across the border, but I guess that’s easy for us!

For everyone visiting Flores, this place is for sure on their list- Tikal National Park, one of the biggest archaeological site of the Mayan civilization.  I climbed up about 200 steps for this breathtaking views of temple IV, which is my favorite spot of the park!


But honestly, who really understands everything what the guide introduces? I am not saying it’s the issue of languages. The guide speaks very good English but for me I never understood what the guides said.  I mean I got to know more about the Mayans but I just know too little to explain who the Mayans…

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