The “Mexican Las Vegas”

Era of Happiness 1.2 English version, posted two years ago

Snookist's Journal

After months of planning, I am embarking this journey to Central and South America! The week before leaving was very stressful, because there are a lot to be taken care of. So, I flew from HKG to SFO, stayed there for a few nights at a friend’s place, flew to Detroit then to Cancun… phew…

I arrived at downtown Cancun early in the afternoon and walked 30 minutes to Plaza Las Americas to where I will be meeting my couchsurfing friend, which is very cool.  What’s not so cool is that I got there at 2:30 pm, but we agreed to meet at 8:30 pm. With my backpack for the very first day of my trip, and with no phone/ internet, I decided to KILL the hours. It was horrible at first but I met three sisters who work at the plaza. Of course I took this chance to practice…

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