The Ultimate Hong Kong Food Guide V- Street Food

Temple Street- the signature of Hong Kong culture – you will find inexpensive products of all sort, fortune tellers and palm readers, people shouldering you when you try to squeeze in the middle isle in the above picture. And of course street food. The most authentic and everyday street snacks we love.

In this part of the food guide series, I will bring you on a trip to Mongkok, eastern Hong Kong Island, over Lion Rock to New Territories for different style of street food.

Fish ball and siu maai

Credit: 公子飯堂
Siu Maai- chewy, ball made of a combination of flour, fish and sometimes pork



Fish ball- what does that mean? What does meat ball mean?
Fish ball served with curry means delicious T.T


Hong Kong style egg waffle


Crispy on the outside, soft inside – bamb- mind blown


Where to eat siu maai, fish ball, and egg waffle?
Tai On Building
This is my favorite go-to place for street food. I go there whenever I visit Hong Kong!


Deep fried pig intestines
I know what you are thinking… who on earth eats things like that? But give it a try. It has some really chewy texture. With the mustard and sweet and sour plum sauce, it is a pleasant combination.  I personally don’t love it. If you try it, you can tell what are the craziest food you have ever eaten.

Where to eat?
18 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei

Snake soup
Eating snake is not uncommon for older generations.  It is believed that consuming snakes is good for your health in some way. I don’t know. It was the first time I have ever tried snake soup, and I like it. It almost tastes like chicken soup.

36-40 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

Temple street at night is full of stores!
You can also find a traditional desert Dragon Beard Candy or lung so tong! The outside are white delicate beard-like coconut coat with mashed peanuts inside. I don’t have an address for this, but if you wander long enough, you should be able to find some old man/ woman who sells this on Temple Street!

Wandering near Temple street at night with my buddies

Now after a short walk, your tummy is ready for more snacks! Try this house special noodles– they are udon-like, cooked with shredded mushroom and pork. You can choose how spicy you like. On your right is a roasted duck leg in shark fin soup. I liked the special noodles but was disappointed with the roasted ducks. My standard is that the skin of roasted ducks should be crispy! I recommend trying roasted duck in one of the barbacued meat restaurant I introduced in Part III.

27A Ning Po Street, Jordon


Now what, assorted sauce rice noodle rolls. is a comforting dish for me, and was introduced in the MICHELIN Guide. I grew up eating this for breakfast. This is what my mom got for me every weekend. The white ones are called rice noodles rolls, or cheung fun. This cheung fun is mixed with peanut sauce, Chinese sweet (e.g. hoi sin sauce), soy sauce, or an optional hot sauce.

On your left is a cup of hot soy bean milk. Also a classic drink for traditional Chinese style breakfast.

Where is it?

Hop Yik Tai (合益泰小食)
121 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po

Now what, let’s do a hike to Lion Rock! I will bring you to more restaurants!
Tsz Wan Shan –> Lion Rock –> Tai Wai
The Lion Rock Trail is a underrated hike, with absolutely stunning night view, comparable to the night view of The Peak. But it is a lot easier to navigate to The Peak. That said, you should explore the less traveled path 🙂

Here is a great website for hiking routes information in Hong Kong. And here’s the Lion Rock trail.

Amah Rock, which literally means
“the stone gazing out for her husband”
So apparently a long time ago, a man left his family for work and the Mom and their children waited for their Dad to come back… that’s about it about the tale

Once you hike down Lion Rock, you will be in Tai Wai. With more fish ball, siu mai, and more street food!!!


Tofu pudding topped with brown sugar- cold tofu pudding is refreshing! You will taste the natural sweetness from some freshly steamed tofu. A whole bucket of tofu are then sliced into thin layers and served in a bowl. It has really smooth texture. Brown sugar- personal preference. Kids usually throw A LOT of sugar.


Right beside the tofu pudding store, you should be able to see this! It has traditional Chinese medicine/drinks. Instead of buying water, trust me. Just pick one of these drinks.  You will love it. Examples are sunflower tea, sweet bamboo juice.


If you are more adventurous and curious to wander  out a little bit further from downtown, try out this place for siu mai in Yuen Long. It has huge, juicy mushroom siu mai!

Yuen Long Queen of Siu Maai
Shop 11B&C, G/F, Wang Fung Building, 14 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long

Visiting Hong Kong can’t be complete without exploring some islands! Tai O, Lamma Island, and Cheung Chau are some popular ones. And of course you will find a lot of the above recommended street food!!

Dried barbecued squid in Tai O

Preserved shrimp paste fried rice with pork!

Part VI and VII will be seafood and dessert!


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