The Ultimate Hong Kong Food Guide- I – Dim Sum

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I just returned Hong Kong after an 8-month trip in Latin America. I’ve read a lot of travel advice of where to eat and what to do. But I found out eventually you yourself are the person who discovers cool places to go or eat, that are not on any travel websites.  Those places where I love the most are those I accidentally ran into. I still remember the 3-dollar dinner with steak, avocado and rice in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I still remember the extremely delicious  1-dollar fried fish with rice I had at a family-run restaurant in Cusco, Peru. I still remember eating fried lamb intestines in a traditional restaurant in Madrid.  Being the only foreigner in a restaurant can be both intimidating at the beginning.  But I know I am at the right place where local people go tasting the absolute most authentic food.

I want you to have this…

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