A little bit of Hong Kong in Oakland, USA

Authentic Cantonese Tea Restaurant found in Oakland! Absolute best quality per price in the WORLD (ok I meant the US) ! They have 99% authentic Cantonese dishes! (The missing 1% attributes to geographic location… Chinese restaurant in the US can’t be 100% the same… 😦 ) But expect absolute chaos, so-so customer service and cleaning towel dropping all over places…

$5.99 for a Cantonese dish of your choice! TOO many choices!!


Which dish do I recommend? Try everything!

Note: if there are no Broccoli chicken, Mongolian beef, and Orange chicken, there is a great chance it is an authentic Cantonese restaurant!   Nuanced difference I know… 🙂


Some even better Cantonese dishes! I would recommend trying these rather than those on the menu! My recommendation:

1) Top left:  Duck Stew with Lotus Root
2) First row, sixth card from left to right: Frog Legs Clay Pot
3) Second row, first card from left: Beef Stew with Chinese Turnip (classic!)
4) Second row, second card from left: Lotus Root with Pork Knuckles
5) Second row, fourth card from left:  Stewed Mutton with Soy Bean Skin (MAN!)
6) Second row, fifth card from left: XO(hot) Sauce Pork belly Stir Fry with Four Season Beans
7) Third row, second card from left: XO Sauce Beef Rips with Eggplants Clay Pot
8) Third row, third card from left: Ox Tail with Red Wine Pot (DANG!)
9) Third row, fourth card from left: Black Pepper with Soy Bean Skin and Pork Stomach

Conclusion: (it sounds Chinese people are trying to eat all sorts of animals…. ) but try them all! These are REAL Cantonese food!


What it is saying:
$5.99 each with a free hot drink
Add $0.99 for a FREE cold drink, THANKS:)
Chinese people are hilarious….


I decided to order a curry beef stew! Huge portion! 98% authentic!


Chinese eating culture at work: people would literally FIGHT to take the check


Old mama eating and drinking tea 🙂


What a shame… someone parked right in front on the restaurant …………….. who do you guess would do this?….


Just like that, I felt like I went home for an hour 🙂 with a mix of excitement, homesickness, and a lot of cultural identity paradox…..


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