To Comprehend on Different Levels

Here’s a status I posted on facebook explaining why I’m embarking this central and south america trip earlier in August:

Hey my friends,

Are you wondering why I’m travelling and posting pictures of Guatemala? I am taking two semesters off to travel Central and South America! I know I “should” be graduating or already working or “doing what I am supposed to do” but this is not what I really want. I am sure it will not be a waste of time and it will be one hell of a trip that I will never ever forget in my life.

1. My Spanish teacher Señor Gregory influenced me to explore Latin America.

I loved his class and he inspired me a lot to the cultures of Latin America. I couldn’t make it to a week-long trip that he organized to Peru in this May, but I figured out I could actually travel two months by using the same amount of money on a budget!

2. I need a break from school.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I must say I hate school. I wasn’t very happy in the past few years because of that. That said I feel so lucky for what I’ve got right now. However, I really think I need a break. And at the same time, I will be learning more Spanish and practicing it. 而且唔係有句說話叫「讀萬卷書不如行萬里路」架咩??

3. I will gain work experience.

I will be working and travelling at the same time. What does that exactly mean? I am on a budget so I must work in exchange for accommodation and food for some part of my trip. For example, I will be staying and working a month at a hotel at Galapagos Island, Ecuador.

4. Why not?

Probably the best reason for travelling. When people ask you why, you can respond by saying why not. Exploring this beautiful continent, why not? Meeting people all around the world, why not? Breaking the routine, why not?

I would like to say thank you to my parents for supporting this whole ridiculous trip. I promise I will finish college and will not disappoint you. But I can’t say I will not travel anymore ^^

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend you guys to check out my travel blog. If you don’t, you are totally missing out ^^ I will be updating it so that you guys will know what and where I am up to.

Also, like my facebook page! I won’t be writing every single thing on my blog so facebook page will be a means of sharing pictures or any cool shit.

Thanks for making your way here. I can’t wait to tell you guys my amazing stories on the road!

28 August, 2014

On the fifth month on the road, I am now volunteering at a hotel on Galapagos Island until the end of 2014. I am happier than ever and learning something everyday. But there is one thing that I improved without really knowing it: the communication skill.

By that, I mean not only verbally but how to communicate without understanding the language.

I am a person that doesn’t feel comfortable to talk to others until I get to know them well. Even with this trait, I am still able to meet some wonderful friends. Honestly, striking a conversation has always given my a feeling of anxiety. But at times, the feeling of euphoria of talking to people becomes much stronger than the feeling of anxiety! This is magical for me…

And of course, sometimes I HAVE to talk in Spanish. I keep learning some Spanish little by little and day by day.  Learning a new language can be frustrating and challenging. Or fascinating when a local says “Habla bastante espanol”.

In some situation,  I won’t be able to comprehend the language well. For example speaking English with Irish people (which is ridiculously hard for a non-native English speaker…) , talking with someone in somewhere loud and speaking Spanish with local (which made you doubt if you actually know any Spanish at all..) But magically, you comprehend what they are trying to say by context, body language, tone and facial expression.

When I talked to people, that is when I realized I know so little about the world. That’s still I lot I want to learn, to do and improve myself.


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