The Beauty of Help Exchange

Long-term travel is fascinating because of things you see, things you learn and friends you meet. But it can be tiring at times. A waterfall tour? Zip-lining tour? Going to a zoo? AGAIN?

Using websites like helpx or workaway, you can find short-term or long-term volunteers at farms, hostels, or even a random family who needs babysitting.  Integrating help exchange can not only save money, you also get to really know someone better. In fact I met some of the coolest people when doing helpx! And also you always learn when you are around other helpxers.

I did some help exchange at a guest house in Panama where I met a German-Brazilian family who is on their way driving from Canada to Brazil. Their two sons are 7 and 14, who are really smart at their ages. They’ve lived in India, and now are homeschooling on their road. Their 7-year-old son … is always full of energy:)



Beautiful view of the Caribbean


He taught me how to play chess, in 5 minutes


He always claims that he is a ninja


Stole my camera and took this photo of his feet


Ice cream time!


Acting like he knows how to play the piano…

Guess what? After leaving Panama, we saw each other again! This time at another helpx eco yoga farm in Colombia. His mummy taught yoga there and I enjoyed every lesson with her.

Teaching him some Chinese characters haha




He is a kid who has endless energy… can be pretty annoying when he doesn’t stop talking lol. Kinda miss this buddy now… but for sure I will visit them in Brazil when I’m there, probably in April 🙂


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