Getting robbed in Honduras

Knowing that Honduras isn’t the safest country in the world, I still decided to go to Utila, renowned for the cheapest place to dive in the world. It was really worth everything and every penny!

I met a friend from Sweden on the way to La Ceiba in Copan. We arrived at La Ceiba at around 7pm, then we decided to go for a walk to get dinner, which is apparently a very dumb decision.  We got robbed… The good thing was, I didn’t have my phone on me. Well, bad things happen, no matter where you are. Now you can tell people wow how “dangerous” it was and make up stories that they were carrying gun and shit.

Utila is a complete different world. I learned scuba diving for my firs time. I almost gave up after the first day because I didn’t feel comfortable just to breathe with my mouth. I tried again the following day and I did it. It turned out to be another really wonderful week 🙂



After a week in Utila, I decided to leave this country. I had a really good time on the island, but the whole getting robbed thing was still bothering me. Ha

Then I went to Leon, Nicaragua, where I volcano boarded for my first time!


Hiking up the Cerro Negro


Sliding down at a speed of 45 km/h :p


I hiked with my backpack for the first time, at the still bubbling Telica Volcan.


Very strong smell of sulfur…


It is not just a black picture… I saw lava not on national geographic for my first time


We did another morning hike to check out the volcano again. There were even more lava!


Just before sunset


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