On the road to Quetzaltenango

Seriously, I had no idea how to pronounce this word, Quetzaltanengo.  However, after three week staying in this little town in Guatemala, I was able not only to pronounce this word correctly, but also spent a fantastic time here!

From Flores, I took an overnight bus to Guatemala City.


I slept alright.. again it was freaking cold. I arrived at the city in the morning, after about 10 hours I believe.



The guy right there was staring at me, pretty creppy…  so I decided to step back and keep my phone down.



Fuente del Norte station, Guatemala city

From Guatemala City was another 4 hour drive to Quetzaltenango (Xela), where I will be taking spanish class at. I hopped on a bus at 8am, at the same station, which costs me Q70.

When I was literally starving on the bus to Xela, someone was selling food. 🙂


By her 🙂


Still, I was pretty tired after spending the whole night on the bus.  I was just hoping to get to Xela asap and get settled down. After two hours of bus from GC, the bus suddenly stopped.





Then I knew we were in trouble…  after talking to the driver, all I understood was “Guatemala, muchas problemas, no pasar.” Enough for me to understand… Later, I learned that some indigenous people were protesting and blocking the road…. thanks so much…



A really old lady sleeping on the road



A boring (cowboy-looking) guy chilling


After stranding there for more than 6 hours… I finally got to Xela!




Pasaje Enriquez


I settled down the same day I got there at a very welcoming homestay family. The lady is one hell of a cook! I am really glad that I decided to stay with her. I also met another guy from London who stays at the same family and goes to the same school!



Roof of my school



That’s where I am studying Spanish, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week :0 It has been three weeks and I feel like I learned more than what I did in the past two semesters!



One of the many after school activities- playing futbol!



Birthday party!


Of course I don’t just study all day. I went on a couple of hikes around the city, ate a lot of great food from my host family, bought cheap things, heard people saying “Chino” to me  a lot, ate awesome street food, discovered interesting cultures of Guatemalan and more…


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