Exploring the Mayan Ruins

[Day 009-011]  26-28, July 2014

From Belize City to Flores, Guatemala was about a 5 hours drive. The Belize-Guatemala border did not look like a border to me but a market. No one seemed to care what we bring across the border, but I guess that’s easy for us!

For everyone visiting Flores, this place is for sure on their list- Tikal National Park, one of the biggest archaeological site of the Mayan civilization.  I climbed up about 200 steps for this breathtaking views of temple IV, which is my favorite spot of the park!



But honestly, who really understands everything what the guide introduces? I am not saying it’s the issue of languages. The guide speaks very good English but for me I never understood what the guides said.  I mean I got to know more about the Mayans but I just know too little to explain who the Mayans are.  So the only thing I can do is to observe and immerse myself in the magnificent surroundings!





It definitely was worth the money (compared to Chichen Itza ) and the effort of waking up at 3 am to go there 🙂 I got an extra 4 hours to just wander around in the park after the guided tour in Tikal where with the tour to Chichen Itza, they dragged us to buy souvenirs, eat “Mayan” pizza,  support “local villages” and swim at a “natural” cenotes.  If you are doing a trip to Chichen Itza, consider going there yourself. And be there really early!

I left at about 4pm and fell asleep on the minibus back to Flores.  I got back to Los Amigos, then went for a walk on this small island in Guatemala.




Street name like that sounds so romantic..



A meow staring at my tacos and cerveza



Mama, that guy looks so different form us,  is that a chino?  I am gonna go investigate, hands off of me!!!!! I told you OFF!



Ops,  I almost fell. What am I actually doing?



YAY!!!!  Hypothesis  validated!!  That is a chino!!! I met a chino today!!!  (Seriously look at his smiley face 🙂 )


Then, I walked downhill to the coast and see the sunset. Two really cute ninos were playing there and guess what? picture time!








I attempted to speak Spanish to them but they didn’t seem to understand Spanish/ me.



What a sunset!


After spending three days at Peten and worrying about getting malaria, I took another overnight bus to my next destination, Quetzaltenango. The western highland of Guatemala.


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