The Caribbean Paradise

[Day 005-008]  22-25, July 2014

Great time in Cancun with my couchsurfing friend, but it was time to leave. I took an ADO overnight bus from Cancun Centro at 10 pm, heading to Belize City. It was my first overnight bus ever and it actually wasn’t too bad! The only issue was the cold on the bus….  :0 Anyway, I survived the freezing night and got to Belize City the other day at 8:30 am.



Passing through Belize immigration from Mexico



Belize City


Belize City totally did not look like what I had in my mind. It is a pretty old, with worn-out buildings and with mainly African descendants I am guessing. There are a lot of friendly people though, who were very welcoming. Many showed me the way to the marine terminal (to Caye Caulker).  For some reasons, there are many “canals” winding through the city too. The marine terminal really does look like Tai O btw.

I took a speedboat that brought me to this beautiful island, Caye Caulker in an hour. It is a really small island that you can get to every single spot in less than 30 minutes. I got settled down, found a decent hostel and just wandered around the island for my first day.



A small island with convenient stores, youth hostels and of course a lot of Caribbean style trees 🙂


On the second day, I decided I wanted to go for a swim. From the side of the beach, you can actually walk 200 m outward and you will still be able to stand. I saw quite a lot a fish also! After “hanging out” there for an hour or so, a pretty girl was beside me and looked like she was going for a swim. Later, I learned that she is Alexandra, a really sweet, easy-going and just a super chill girl from Quebec. It was nice meeting her in Belize!



The beautiful beach on the island



Watching the sunset with a pretty girl, what do you still want?



A lady washing some lobsters, which cost BZ $25, 30, 40 or so, depending on their sizes



Alexandra and I were so lucky to try some ceviche from this restaurant. Why? It was not even on the menu! The owner, Terry, was so kind that he made it just for us. It tasted really really really fresh!!



Doggy chilling out



Just a random, colorful house



Chinese  are literally everywhere… even on this freaking island in Belize!! And guess what I found?? “Pineapple bun” and “cocktail bun.”


I planned to stay only one night but ended up staying three nights there. 🙂 I was thinking to do the Blue Hole trip also, but eventually I did not because I am not a big fan of diving I guess and I am saving $$ for the other big trips… 🙂 But still, even without doing the “must-dos”, I still had a wonderful time at Caye Caulker.



88 Caye Caulker


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