The “Mexican Las Vegas”

After months of planning, I am embarking this journey to Central and South America! The week before leaving was very stressful, because there are a lot to be taken care of. So, I flew from HKG to SFO, stayed there for a few nights at a friend’s place, flew to Detroit then to Cancun… phew…

I arrived at downtown Cancun early in the afternoon and walked 30 minutes to Plaza Las Americas to where I will be meeting my couchsurfing friend, which is very cool.  What’s not so cool is that I got there at 2:30 pm, but we agreed to meet at 8:30 pm. With my backpack for the very first day of my trip, and with no phone/ internet, I decided to KILL the hours. It was horrible at first but I met three sisters who work at the plaza. Of course I took this chance to practice my Spanish a little bit 🙂

I finally got to meet my couchsurfing friend,  who is a dentist. Everything was cool except I am not used to the heat. It took a few days for me to get used to not using AC sleeping at night. I know, I (we) am (are) so spoiled in Hong Kong… Other than that, it was super cool. I got to meet some locals which is one of the best things about couchsurfing. We hung out at a bar and also the beach which is just right next to the bar!! Although I’m not so into drinking and stuff like that, that area is really cool for those who like  drinking. Kinda reminds me of Vegas! I’ll talk about this experience later!

I visited the beach near Hotel Zones, Chichen Itza, and  went to the bars near the beach.


The bars near Hotel Zones




The blue color of the sea is unbelievably beautiful …


A very sweet Indian lady helped me out and took some pictures for me, but they all looked the same… pretty artistic  I guess :p…





That’s Chichen Itza from a closer view


After three nights in Cancun, I took an overnight bus  to Belize City for about 10 hours… then I discovered another paradise… 🙂


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